2019 National Showcase and Open Cup

The West Coast Soccer Association if Finalizing our information for the 2019 National Showcase and Open Cup.  The tentative dates are mid to late April and most likely will be in Los Angeles area...


National Showcase Tournament

April 27-29, 2018

The WCSA is proud to announce that the 2018 National Showcase will held April 27 - 29th at Bartholomew Sports Park in Sacramento California.  True to tradition the WCSA has rotated the tournament back up to Northern California, and is looking to have the top teams in the nation attending.          

The WCSA national showcase composes the top college club teams from California and select College Club teams from throught the United States.  For details on or just more info, please email competition.wcsa@gmail.com. To see the highlights from last year event, please Click here.  If you would like to appy for the event, please email competition.wcsa@gmail.com



This year the WCSA is looking to debut the video analysis software by Hudl.  We plan on recording each game, and providing the teams in attendance with video footage breakdown of their teams performance.  We will also be looking for up to 38 teams to sign up for this program for the 2018-2019 season.  The cost to those teams that sign up is a mere $35/game for the professional analysis, and a staff to record their league games.  We are looking forward to the results and benefits teams will receive, and look forward to an even more competitive soccer landscape in the future!


If you would Iike to volunteer or have any questions on the event, please email vpoperations.wcsa@gmail.com