Tournament Rules

The tournament will be governed under NIRSA tournament rules with the following exceptions listed below.


Each team will be placed in a pool of 3 or 4 teams and will be guaranteed 3 games over the course of the weekend. In the 4-team pools, teams will play each other one time. The two 3-team pools will play each other (e.g. teams from Pool A will play each team in Pool B and vice versa). After pool play, teams will be seeded according to the point system we have established. Top 3 seeds of pool play will have a bye.  Seeds 4-13 will play in bracket play Saturday night in a single elimination round, and the winners of these games along with the byes will play in the quarter finals Sunday morning. Winners of the semifinals will play in a championship match on Sunday afternoon.

Points - 10 Point System

Win: 6 points
Tie: 3 points
Loss: 0 points
Goals: 1 point per goal (with a maximum of 3 points) A forfeit is counted as a 1-0 win equally 8 points.


No overtime. Pool play games and consolation games that are tied at the end of regulation time will remain tied. Semifinals that are tied will go straight to penalty kicks to determine a winner. If there is a tie at the end of the finals, the game will go an extra two 5-minute overtime periods followed by penalty kicks if there is still a tie.

Pool Play Tiebreakers (in order)

Head to head competition

 Highest goal differential 

Fewest goals against
Most goals for

Penalty kicks

Game Length

All games will have 35-minute halves, running clock, separated by a 5-minute half time. The championship game, however, will have 40-minute halves. If an opponent is not ready to play 5 minutes after the game clock has been started, a forfeit win will be awarded to the opposing team.

Home Team

Home team is listed first on the schedule. In case of color conflict, home team must change jerseys. Home team must also provide the ball.

Red Cards

Any player or coach receiving a red card will be ejected from the game and is ineligible to compete in or be in attendance at the team’s next game. Protests are NOT allowed.