Protests, Appeals, Discipline

The WCSA Protests, Appeals, and Discipline (PAD) process manags all issues related to violations of the Policies, Red Card Suspension, and Incident Reports.  To report a violation to WCSA, please fill out the incident report form and email to the PAD Chair.  Incident reports can only be filed by Sports Clubs Directors, Team Presidents, and Referees.



To submit a report, please fill out an incident report and email to the PAD chair.  The sports clubs director and corresponding team contact will be notified and will have 48hrs to respond via email with their comments and supporting documents.  Rulings will be made by the PAD committee no later than Friday the week the team was notified.


Appeals Process

Appeals may only be submitted by a Sports Clubs Director.  To begin the process, the appealing party must contact the PAD chair via email and inform them of the incident report ruling they wish to appeal within 72hrs of the ruling notification.  A paypal invoice of $150 will be sent, and must be paid for to begin the process.

To hear an issue, the Appeals Committee will be made up of at least three members of the WCSA officers.  The appealing party will submit in writing any additional documentation for the committee to consider in addressing a previous decision.  Once the documents have been submited, the Appeals Committee will have 48 hours to rescind, or adjust penalties to the club.

PAD Committee

PAD Committee

PAD Chair

Melanie Alexander
Colorado College

Committee Members

Kareem Bland
CSU Bakersfield

Ryan Groth
CSU San Marcos


Appeals Committee

President: Greg Rubendall

VP of Operations: Brian Yip

VP of Competition: JB Blessinger