Frequently Asked Questions

New Clubs to WCSA

  • I would like to join the WCSA.  What should I do?
    • Go to the Expansion section on our website and complete the application form.  Email the completed form to and further instructions will be given.

Application to League and Tournament

  • How do I apply for the next season?
    • Log into your team page, and on your start screen, the application will be there
  • How do I set my availability for upcoming season?
    • When you are completing your application (above), there is a set of listed dates to mark as available or not available.  Your schedule will be dictated by this section.
  •  How do I pay for the league fee?
    • After submitting your application, the next page will be the payment page.  You can pay here
  • What if I can’t pay now?
    • When you are able to pay (note the payment must be completed prior to the final deadline), login here.  If you do not know the information to log in, you can recover them by clicking “click here” to recover your information.  Said information will be emailed to the person’s contact information who applied.  Note that once the deadline has passed, payment will no longer be accepted.
  • I need a receipt for the league fee payment
    • The receipt is emailed to the team contact who applied for that league.


Who Should I Contact

  • Vice President of Operations (
    • Issues not covered below
  • Vice President of Competition (
    • Clarification on forfeitures and results
  • Treasurer (
    • Questions regarding league fees, reimbursements etc.
  • Scheduler (
  • Webmaster (
    • Issues with website
  • Media (
    • Information on receiving 40% off Under Armour or to purchase custom logo Flite soccer balls
  • Policy and Discipline Chair (
    • Questions regarding suspensions


Team Page Access

  • What is the difference between the Club page and Team page?
    • Think of your school as the Club and your individual as the teams.  For example, UC Berkeley would be the club, and they have 4 teams, a Men’s A, Men’s B, Women’s A, Women’s B team.  The sports clubs director can login to the club page and will have access to all the teams information, while each team contact can only access their own team.  (Please note that if any non-sports clubs director is listed on the club page, they will be removed)
  • Why am I not listed as a contact when I click “Clubs” form the navigation bar, and then my club logo?
    • After clicking your club logo, that takes you to your club page.  Only your sports clubs director can login on this page, and team contacts are not to be listed here.  Select the team you are on, and you can log in on that page
  • I forgot my password, what do I do?
    • If you are listed as a team captain, use the email listed to recover your password on the team login page.
  • I am a team admin, but when I log in, I don’t have admin rights.
    • You must have one of your team contacts login and click on contacts and make sure that the admin box is checked, and that the team role is set
    • Or when you were made a team contact, they incorrectly added you from the roster.  They should have added you as returning.  Please review the team handbook troubleshooting section to resolve this issue.


  • My player is highlighted in red
    • Your player has not been approved and is currently not eligible.  Approval is automatic if they have completed all the requirements (Name, DOB, Address, Email, Phone, Photo, Payment Registration)
  • I cannot make a group registration payment
    • group registration payment is no longer possible.  Each player must log in and on the payment page check the waiver and complete the payment.  This is a requirement by USASA and we are unable to create a work around.
  • I am a team contact and when I login, the payment button does not show up.
    • Please refer to the team manual's registration section for team contacts.  There is also a troubleshooting section for team contacts.  This issue is the result of a player having more than 1 player profile for themselves.



  • What should I do if I need to change game date or time and it’s less than 2 weeks from Kick-Off?
  1. Confirm on Demosphere Log with opponent of new game date/time and location (Note the schedule does not actively monitor the logs)
  2. Send an email to  This is the official request, and the scheduler will then check the log and deny the change or approve and adjust the schedule
  • Note*:  Failure to provide teh game # and providing the old game date, old game time, old location, new game date, new game time, new location will delay the adjustment of the rescheduling process.
  • Note**: It will be rare circumstances the game changes will be allowed
  • Note***: Game reschedule requests made less than 8 days from Kick-Off date will be denied
  •  What should I do if I need to change field location and it’s less than 2 weeks from Kick-Off?
    • If you are the home team and are simply switching fields on campus, please provide the game # and new field name to
    • If you are switching home/away location, please refer to the question above.


Game Day

  • What do I need before each game?
    • You must print out the match report with the roster of both teams listed (directions can be found on the team manual)
    • Each player is to have a school ID with photo to check-in
    • If player is missing a school ID or is not printed on the match report, they are ineligible to play.  If they are found to have played, the game will result in a forefeit of 0-3
    • Each player must have a unique number for the game (no sharing jerseys during a game)
  • What do I need to do after each game?
    • Sign into your team page and update the score
  • What if there is a red card Saturday, and we have a game on Sunday?
    • On Sunday, you must sit the player who received the red card, and inform the referee that they must in their report on Demosphere comment section, note the player’s name who sat to serve a suspension.  Failure to do so may result in the player serving the suspension the following game.


  • How much are referees?
    • Teams will be invoiced by the assignor at a rate of $215/game and will be subject to scheduling adjustment fees pending when the game was rescheduled.  More information can be found in the team manual
  • If there is a forfeit, who pays for the referees?
    • Team that is listed as home will be invoiced for the referee fees.
    • Home team forfeits
      • Due to rain: no reimbursements will be given
      • Other circumstances: no reimbursements will be given and will be fined $250
    • Away team forfeits
      • Away team fined $250 and subject to additional fines pending when forfeit/request for reschedule made that led to forfeit was announced.  Home team now must contact for reimbursement.


Protests and Complaints

  • How do I protest a game?
    • ONLY player eligibility will be protestable.  Please send an email to to lodge a formal protest
  • I have a concern or complaint regarding fields conditions, what should I do?
    • Please contact with photos of poor field conditions.