Late Registration Deadline for Fall League

May 15th

Late Registration Deadline for Fall League

Just a quick reminder that Fall 2018 League Application Late Registration Deadline is May 15th.  To apply, log on to your team page and click on apply for Fall 2018 Season. 

  • Make sure you select dates you can and cannot play.
  • Add three team contacts on application. This includes email and phone numbers
  • Premier Division - teams that want to qualify for NIRSA Regionals/Nationals
  • Second Division - teams that are not interested in attending Regionals/Nationals
  • If you are a new team - fill out appliction form under expansion tab and email it to 

If you can not find your team site, please email    

Other Notes When Applying:

  • All Premier games must be completed before regionals. Regionals are usually the last weekend of October. 
  • If you are planning on attending any tournaments in the season, please block out these dates - Aztec Cup is Sept 28th weekend and UCSB women tournament is Mid October. Email Todd at for details onthe UCSB tourney. For Aztec Cup info, please go to this link for Aztec Cup Newsletter 
  • League Start Dates - when ever you can start playing - 
    • California/Arizona teams - usuallly Mid to Late September
    • Utah/Southern Idaho Teams - Usually start Mid August to Early September
    • Washington/North Idaho Teams - Mid to Late September
  • Divisions are determined with by what teams apply 

Need Gear for the Fall?

All WCSA teams can get 40% off Under Armor Gear, email for details.

All WCSA teams can get extreme savings on Balls, Bibs, Kits at Flite Soccer, email Keith at for details.