What are your fundraising goals?

Many youth sports teams and leagues want:

1 – Fundraisers that can be done with little effort
2 – Fundraisers that may be done sporadically
3 – Fundraisers that will produce significant results

Soccer fundraising programs

In this article, we’ll examine several soccer fundraisers that are quick hitting and sure to score.

The four soccer fundraising programs are:

  • Bottled water
  • Soccer Touranament
  • Shot cage and radar gun
  • Fast-food discount cards

Soccer Fundraising: Bottled Water

The first soccer fundraising program is selling bottled water. Consider for a moment that each team member will bring water to every practice and to every game. That’s at least a couple dozen bottles


Shot Cage & Radar Gun

The second soccer fundraising program is best suited for a league-wide effort. On Picture Day, during a tournament, or at any other event with high attendance, set up a soccer “shot cage” with a radar...

Fast Food Discount Cards

The third soccer fundraiser is one that your group can use once or use to raise funds all season long. And that’s selling fast food discount cards.

This is a simple item to sell. Each fundraising...